Fayson Lake Water Company

Fayson Lake Water Company

Fayson Lake Water Company serves water services to the
Fayson Lakes community of Kinnelon, NJ.

Feel your water bill is so high?



If you believe that your water bill is high, there are a number of things it can be.



1.       Check your current meter reading against the reading shown on your current bill. If you find that the reading in your home is less than the one on your bill, call us and we will come re-read your meter. If you find it to be the same or higher then it  is correct.



2.       Has your usage changed? i.e. number of people living in your house increased, members of your household taking long leisurely showers, are you washing frequent partial loads of laundry?



3.       Did you fill a pool with a garden hose? Even a kiddie pool filled consistently all summer long will increase your water bill.


4.       Do you have a lawn sprinkler system or did you water your lawn and/or garden frequently all summer long?


5.       Do you wash your vehicle at home? Weekly washing of vehicles adds to your bill.


6.     Do you have a city water back up sump pump (Liberty water backup pump or Water
           Commander).  It could use 11 to 19 gallon of city water a minute.                                                                  

7.       Check for leaks: First, make sure that no one in the home is using any water.

            New Stile Your Sensus IPERL water meter is equipped with a digital LCD register. A plus sign (+) means water is flowing through the meter. Getting to know your iPERL meter.

    Old Stile at the flow indicator (a small triangle on the face of the meter); it should not be moving at all. If there is any movement, that is an indication that you may have a leak.



a.       Toilets: first place to check for a leak are your toilets. A toilet with condensation on the bowl or tank may be an indication of a leak. Also, a toilet that automatically flushes is an indication. Sometimes toilet tanks leak slowly and silently into the bowls. To check for that, squeeze a dozen or more drops of food coloring into the toilet tank. Do not flush the toilet for several hours. Come back and check the toilet bowl. If you see any color, your toilet is leaking. Leaking toilets can waste countless gallons of water a day.

b.       Outside faucets: Make sure they aren’t on and dripping. Disconnect outdoor hoses from faucets in fall. Hoses left in place over winter months, can cause leaks. If you have an older faucet, each time it is turned on after freezing, it can leak around the handle and waste water.

c.       Crawlspace: Do you have a crawlspace cellar where a leak can occur?

d.       Other Leaks: Leaks can occur under slab foundations, in walls, etc.



Note: Fayson Lake Water Company personnel cannot repair leaks from your curb box or inside your home. If you are unable to fix the leak yourself, you need to hire a licensed plumber for assistance.