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Fayson Lake Water Company

Fayson Lake Water Company News Letter

April 2, 2013

Galloway Tank


Fayson Lake Water Company (FLWC) would like to inform their service community about the status of our request to the Kinnelon Board of Adjustment for a height variance request for an upgrade to our Galloway water tank.  The Galloway water tank is the primary source for supply and pressure for most of the 880 households FLWC services.


FLWC’s is attempting to bring the company into compliance with NJ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) regulations.  One regulation states that water companies dependent on a single water source must maintain storage to supply gravity fed water for 24 hours at 20 psi at the highest fire hydrant.  In the portion of the system supplied by Galloway tank, this translates to storing 250,000 gallons 46 feet above Galloway street level.   NJ DEP has authorized FLWC to meet this storage requirement with a 250,000 gallon tank.  The proposed tank is 25 feet wide and has a total height of 79 feet.  I should note that the NJ DEP approval reflects FLWC successful efforts to receive a partial relief from the requirements, thus providing some height relief.


Kinnelon Board of Adjustment declined FLWC’s request for a height variance.  FLWC believes we should have been granted this variance, and as such are in the process of appealing this decision to the appropriate court.  The scope of this appeal is limited to the height issue of the new tank.  This action does not include anything related to any change to FLWC’s current easement on the Stonybrook Homeowners Association (SHA) property.


At the request of a member of the SHA Board, FLWC met with the SHA board a couple of months ago to discuss the project.  This was the latest in our series of meetings with the SHA board members where the topic of easement requirements was discussed.   FLWC reiterated that our preference for the new water tank is to build a new tank anywhere between the current tank and the property setbacks adjacent to Galloway Terrace.   Creating a new easement area is desirable as it would permit a new tank to be built while the existing tank provides uninterrupted service to the overall community. 


Building a new tank while the existing tank is in service will:

1.       Avoid the need to clear area for temporary water tanks and support equipment,

2.       Minimize both the area to be cleared and security fencing,

3.       Move the tank further away from the pool’s main recreational area, and

4.       Reduce the water service risk to all of the households in the FLWC service community. 

FLWC offered to have SHA draft an easement agreement which would permit the project to move forward after the height variance is granted.  FLWC proposed language should include:

·         A complete ban on placing cell tower antennas on the water tank,

·         Provide minimum area around the tank to provide security and service area around the tank,

·         A single chain link fence around the tank,

·         Inclusion of temporary use of an area for construction equipment, and

·         Other conditions SHA would like to propose.


These are all conditions which FLWC has offered both privately and publicly under oath at the Kinnelon BOA hearings.  A new easement agreement between SHA and FLWC would eliminate the need for FLWC to initiate an Eminent Domain law suit to obtain an easement which will be expensive for all parties.

In closing, I will also reiterate my long standing offer to attend any formal or informal meeting with members of the SHA to discuss FLWC's plans.







John Cannie,

President, Fayson Lake Water Company